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Jeremy's newest show featuring music from his new album 'IN THE MOMENT'  With a little help from Jeremy's Broadway friends  this is an evening full of Laughter, love, new music and hit after hit after Broadway Hit. 

The show has sold out to audiences nation wide and has featured some amazing talent such as Lauren Jelencovich from Yanni, Broadway Records superstar composer Michael Mott, Phantom of the Opera Broadway's Mary Michael Patterson, Recording artists Joeseph Paul Rykert, and L.A. Theater superstar Heather Lundstedt.

The show spans from Pop Opera to Broadway to current hits.  Follow Jeremy on Facebook for up do date info on future concerts.
Jeremy very often sings with Symphonies and Broadway showcases throughout the year.  Check with JeremyStolle.com, twitter and face book for new shows. Or sign up on the mailing list for all future apearances 

The Unreachable Stars 

Featured Video - "Music of the Night"

Featured Video - "Dentist"